we do audio differently.

We believe game audio should not be driven by asset counts or iteration limits. It should be about creating audioscapes that support the developer’s vision and incite emotion for the player.

With over 35 years of combined game audio experience, we provide music, sound assets, voice over, mixing, and implementation using an innovative process and pricing that guarantees you get a great result.

By aligning game audio with the larger development process, creating exceptional experiences and using transparent business practices, Unlock Audio is the ideal partner for mid-level developers.

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"Unlock's team works fast and augmented our development so that we didn't need to hire anyone for audio. Imagine getting AAA quality work without the internal cost or management overhead — that's what you receive when partnering with Unlock. I am excited to keep working with them on our future projects."

- Brian Grayson, Founder and CEO

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Ex-VP & GM, Hi-Rez Studios


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