We are your total game audio solution.

We provide full audio support for game developers including all of the following services. This makes collaboration easy and ensures every aspect of audio is always informing the others.

Music Composition and Production.png
Music Composition and Production

Music conceptualization and palette experimentation, mixing, mastering, and full composition

Sound Recording

Whether it's voice actors, SFX or foley, we'll capture all the audio assets you need

Audio Implementation

Audio programming using the game engine itself (Unreal Engine, Unity) and audio middleware (Wwise, FMod)

Sound Design.png
Custom Sound Design and Editing

By layering the weirdest sounds together and recording our own, we'll create a compelling sonic identity specific to your project

Voice Acting.png
Voice Acting

Identify and audition actors, then direct, record, and edit the performances that bring your characters to life

Team Collaboration.png
Team Collaboration

Consult and brainstorm with your team as well as our collaborators on any facet of the audio experience