Platform: Cinematic + Trailer

  • Spy Games

    December 11, 2023
    Spy Games is a broad range of games in immersive high-tech rooms developed with experts from the CIA and Special…
  • Metalcore

    August 24, 2023
    The central government on Earth struggles to maintain order in the outer rim as resource scarcity threatens the survival of…
  • Puppy Love

    July 22, 2023
    After a disastrous first date, Nicole and Max vow's to lose each other's numbers until their dogs find a love…
  • The Godfather Pinball

    April 4, 2023
    For the 50th anniversary of this iconic franchise, Paramount Pictures and Jersey Jack Pinball worked with Unlock Audio to extend…
  • Toy Story 4 Pinball

    Toy Story 4 Pinball

    March 7, 2023
    Jersey Jack Pinball needed a partner they could trust for the creation of all sound, music and voice for Toy…
  • 1UP


    March 7, 2023
    1Up follows a competitive gamer whose impressive skills have landed her a college scholarship and a place on the Betas,…
  • Sins of a Solar Empire 2

    Sins of a Solar Empire 2

    March 7, 2023
    Ironclad Games needed Sins of a Solar Empire 2 to respect previous titles in the series, while also updating this…
  • Space Punks

    March 7, 2023
    With five actors cast, four yet to go, and an early access milestone oncoming, Unlock Audio handled the remaining casting,…
  • Autopsy Simulator

    Autopsy Simulator

    March 6, 2023
    When your game needs voice for primarily one character, it may seem like that makes things easier. But it also…
  • Hell Architect

    March 6, 2023
    Who knew designing, managing, and strategizing suffering could be fun? Woodland Games needed the wackiest cast for their demons of…