We price in a unique way.

With Unlock, you don’t need to be a fortune teller to get an accurate quote.

See how our pricing works here.

We created a free tool to help you budget audio costs and decide what's right for your project.

Don't worry - there's no obligation for anything and no mailing sign-up.

We'll only reach out if you ask us to.

Unlock's pricing is straightforward, transparent, and reliable. No inaccurate quotes or unpredictable "per minute","per sound effect" or "per revision" agreements. Instead, we use a percentage of the total production budget.

Audio Module Pricing


For those that have very focused needs like making a deadline, "testing" things out, or creating audio for just one character. Pick a module and get exactly what you need.

Audio Phase Pricing


Perfect for those that want either scoping guidance, asset creation, or implementation for their entire project. Pick where your team's at and we'll jump in with you.

Premium Audo Pricing


Want a complete audio department? This is it.
Simply put, this is anything and everything to ensure you have an incredible audio experience.


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