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Unlock Provides Porting, Implementation and Sound Design for Iron Man VR!

Unlock Audio had the pleasure of assisting Camouflaj/Oculus studio with implementation and sound design for the port of Iron Man VR to the Meta Quest 2!

It was quite the challenge to take a console VR title and port it to the Quest 2. While this VR platform is powerful, it still presented limitations in terms of memory and power when compared to it’s console counterpart. Determining what audio to prioritize, cut, and alter, as well as what implementation systems needed to be updated was a creative puzzle we loved solving.

Thanks so much to Marvel, Meta, and Camouflaj/Oculus Studios for partnering with us.

If you’ve always dreamed of flying through the sky in your own suit of armor, now’s your chance! Grab your own copy of the game starting November 3rd!

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