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Unlock Creates All Sounds for Batman x Spyscape Mobile Experience!

In Batman x Spyscape, visitors join forces with Batman and Oracle to travel deep into enemy territory, solve riddles, and interact with iconic characters in the DC universe.

Batman x Spyscape

Once visitors engage with the experience, a mobile app becomes their conduit to their allies Batman and Oracle. Visitors become their allies’ eyes and ears as they solve the mysteries of the Riddler while learning about the techniques and technology of Batman and how it relates to real-world spycraft.

The mobile app is how attendees are given direction, clues, and have their narrative advanced. This meant the interactions in the mobile app were paramount to making it feel like you were part of this experience, as opposed to merely observing it.

Below are a few examples of our sound design for the app. If you are heading to NYC anytime soon, be sure to check out Batman x Spyscape!

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