Audio Task: Sound Design

  • 1UP


    March 7, 2023
    1Up follows a competitive gamer whose impressive skills have landed her a college scholarship and a place on the Betas,…
  • Sins of a Solar Empire 2

    Sins of a Solar Empire 2

    March 7, 2023
    Ironclad Games needed Sins of a Solar Empire 2 to respect previous titles in the series, while also updating this…
  • Batman x SPYSCAPE

    Batman x SPYSCAPE

    March 7, 2023
    Put yourself in the middle of a Gotham City mystery! Batman x SPYSCAPE is a hybrid experience that uses a…
  • World of Mechs

    March 7, 2023
    Since the player is in the cockpit of a massive combat mech, Studio 369 wanted everything feel futuristic, mechanical, and…
  • Mobile Legends

    Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

    March 7, 2023
    As the second most downloaded mobile title globally, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang continually demands new content and updates. Moonton collaborates…
  • Iron Man VR

    March 1, 2023
    After developing Iron Man VR for the PSVR, Camouflaj was asked to port it to the Oculus Quest 2. Their…