we do things differently.

We make your game sound great. No pricing nonsense, no estimate guessing, no revision fees. We have experts for each facet of the process so you can focus on making excellent games and leave the audio to us.

Others may ask you for asset counts, give iteration limits and inaccurate quotes which ultimately cost you time and deliver less than stellar audio.


With over 35 years of combined game audio experience, we provide professional music, sound assets, voice over, mixing, and implementation all with an innovative pricing model that guarantees you get a great result.

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"Elliot's work has a maturity of ideas and confidence of artistry. The collaboration with him is inspiring and very satisfying. I recommend him with greatest enthusiasm and look forward to hiring him again on studio jobs."

- Penka Kouneva, Composer and Orchestrator

World of Warcraft, Gears of War 3,

Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands, The Sims 3

"Unlock's familiarity with games made communication between designer and composer easy and straightforward. It’s great to have someone who can handle anything related to audio. I recommend Unlock to any team that wants to bring the soundscape of their game up to a professional level."

- Nick Kinstler, Game Designer

Vigilant Addiction Studios

"If you're looking for a composer and an audio engineer, use Unlock for both. When I just had a feeling or a reference, they quickly came up with musical styles and sound design options for me. They're easy to collaborate with, experienced with music and audio, and deliver remarkable work in a timely manner."

- Jack Guffey, Lead Game Designer

Heavy Thought Studios

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